Realizing the Vision at a Clean Water Facility

To realize the vision of a greenfield, satellite, clean water facility is a rare privilege, even for a long-term clean water professional such as myself. The vision for the Northern Treatment Plant (NTP) has been 35 years in the making, and I have both watched and guided its development since the facility first appeared on the regional planning horizon in 1982. The NTP is a showcase facility that features advanced yet proven technologies and offers community amenities such as public trails along the South Platte River and educational exhibits housed in a Visitors Center.

To realize the vision reflected in the 2016 Strategic Plan, I reorganized the Metro District in two significant ways: elevating the Human Resources Division to its own department and forming a new Strategy and Innovation Department. Creation of this latter department, with a dedicated budget and staff, identifies a space in the organization to explore and develop the most promising ideas and sustainable solutions. This new department will lead implementation of the Strategic Plan vision, goals, and strategies and expand District communication throughout the organization, the region, and the country.

These changes provide a structure for the Metro District to sustain organizational excellence well into the 21st century. By featuring both innovation and collaboration as strategic goals and values, the District is ensuring the best and brightest ideas are heard and considered. In this manner, the vision of the 2016 Strategic Plan will continue to become a reality.

Catherine R. Gerali
District Manager