Lift station demolition and decommissioning of associated pipelines

Demolition of the Brantner Gulch Lift Station (BGLS) and decommissioning of associated pipelines began in late 2016, with completion expected in fall 2017.

The BGLS is no longer needed because the flow previously pumped from the lift station to the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility is now conveyed by gravity to the Northern Treatment Plant through the South Platte Interceptor (SPI).

Decommissioning of the BGLS is the final element of the larger SPI Project – which included landscaping and restoration along the pipeline alignment (between Veterans Park and Ken Mitchell Lakes).

The BGLS is on land owned and maintained by the Metro District. As part of an agreement reached during the design phase of the SPI, the District will eventually turn the site over to Adams County.

Brantner Gulch Lift Station