Successful harvest at the METROGRO Farm

An auxiliary storage facility, constructed at the METROGRO Farm (Farm) in early 2016, was used after five permanent bins were filled to capacity with 150,000 bushels of wheat.

The crops at the Farm were fertilized with biosolids from the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility—no chemical fertilizers were used.

Four custom harvesters used a total of 12 combines during the 2016 harvest season. The wheat was then weighed and analyzed at the Metro District’s new scale house.

The transition to custom farming began in 2015 after a two-decade farm and grazing lease agreement with a tenant farmer expired. The change is expected to be a sustainable and cost-efficient option for long-term biosolids recycling.

Left: Grain storage at the METROGRO Farm

Right: Combine working during harvest at the METROGRO Farm