2016 Strategic Plan


Adoption of the Metro District’s 2016 Strategic Plan followed a structured approach led by the Strategic Planning Committee, which included representation from the Board of Directors, senior-level management, and staff.

The goal during the development phase was to produce a strategic plan that represents the Metro District’s vision, mission, core values, strategies, and long-term objectives. The process included focus group discussions, key stakeholder interviews, an employee survey, and development of employee goal teams with representation from all departments.

The employee goal teams will continue to be a vital part of the implementation phase, which kicked off in October 2016.

Implementation includes organizational changes

As 2016 drew to a close, the Metro District initiated organizational changes to position the District as an employer of choice and promote a culture of innovation. As part of the transition, two new departments were created – the Human Resources (HR) Department and the Strategy and Innovation Department.

Left: HR Officer Dan Schaeffer was promoted to Director of HR. Along with managing HR staff, the position also oversees the Environmental Health and Safety Division.

Right: Chief Innovation Officer Jim McQuarrie was promoted to Director of Strategy and Innovation and will lead three divisions – Technology and Innovation, Strategy and Communication, and Strategic Asset Management.

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