Realizing the Vision in the Clean Water Industry

To be a responsible leader, an innovative clean water partner, and a great place to work is a vision that mirrors my own longstanding ideal of an effective public utility. As Deputy Director of Operations and Environmental Programs at Aurora Water, I believe the citizens paying for clean water services deserve the best possible return on investment from their infrastructure and service providers.

This new vision for the Metro District, articulated in the 2016 Strategic Plan, increases the value the District provides to its customers and the region as a whole. Extensive communication, effective collaboration, and stakeholder engagement—three recurring themes in the 2016 Strategic Plan—formed the foundation for the construction and startup of the District’s first satellite facility, the Northern Treatment Plant (NTP). Safe, reliable, and cost-effective, the NTP represents the District’s finest efforts. The NTP extends the District’s stewardship of the South Platte River and surrounding environment while providing the critical infrastructure upon which economic growth and development in the northern Denver metropolitan area can thrive.

By investing in our future—through our workforce, our infrastructure and our innovation—the Metro District will continue to be a leader in the clean water industry for generations to come. Projects like the District’s planned Second Creek Interceptor—this gravity-fed pipeline will convey flows from the District’s northeastern service area to the NTP—are essential to extending the value of Colorado’s finite water supply. As resource planning and water conservation become increasingly regional and statewide priorities, the importance of the District’s role has never been greater.

Dan Mikesell
Chairman of the Board