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Other Programs & Services We Provide

We perform a number of other services and functions that support our wastewater treatment functions.

Hauled Wastes

Our objective is to be able to monitor and control discharges of this type of material. We accept many types of routine and non-routine wastes and will bill you on a monthly basis. Companies must obtain a Hauled Wastes Discharge Permit. Our information packets explain the application process, required monthly reporting, and more details about this program.

Pretreatment Program

We administer a Pretreatment Program for the control of industrial wastes. The purpose is to reduce discharges of pollutants from industrial and commercial sources into the municipal sewer system.

Learn more about our Pretreatment Program →

Laboratory Services

Our Laboratory Services Division (LAB) provides laboratory services to municipalities or governmental agencies (including testing within our facilities) that require analytical work on biosolids, plants, soils, and or water / wastewater. (We do not perform work for the general public.) Our goal is to ensure that biosolid reuse, discharge of treated wastewater, and industrial discharges are in accordance with various permits and regulations. Some typical activities are

  • Sampling
  • Chemical and biological analyses
  • Environmental monitoring and assessment services
  • Technical and analytical services to other Metro District programs

Our laboratory performs hundreds of thousands of analyses per year. Data is analyzed by approved EPA methods provided in 40 CFR Part 136 or for Solid Wastes use approved methods in SW-846.


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