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What We Do With Wastewater

Treatment begins at the headworks where untreated wastewater (sewage) enters the Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility. Through processing, we generate biosolids that go to enrich Colorado farmland and use methane gas from the solids digestion processed as fuel to make enough electricity to power almost 5,000 homes.

We Treat Wastewater

1. Bar screens remove objects ranging from children's toys to false teeth.
2. Grit basins remove larger solid wastes.
3. Primary clarifiers remove smaller solid wastes.
4. Aeration basins enable millions of microorganisms to digest the organic waste
remaining in the water.
5. Secondary clarifiers allow the microorganisms clump together and settle to the bottom. After further processing to kill harmful organisms, these biosolids will go to enrich Colorado farmland.
6. Chlorination and de-chlorination processes provides final wastewater treatment.
7. Digestion involves anaerobic digestion by microbes of solids into biosolids and methane.
8. Outfalls are where the cleaned wastewater pours into the South Platte River.
9. Biosolids (our brand is METROGRO® ) are applied to our METROGRO Farm and privately-owned farms and incorporated into the soil either by tilling or applying them to the soil surface depending on the land's slope or erosion potential.
10. Methane gas from the digestion process is used to generate electricity at our facility

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