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We Plan, Partner & Monitor

We are committed to safe, environmentally sound and regulatory-compliant operations. This commitment requires extensive planning, partnering and monitoring activities that involve both our employees as well as the communities that we serve.

Our Partnerships

We spend extensive time partnering with community agencies, governmental entities, and our local public to ensure that we are as collaborative and effective as possible.
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The METROGRO® Farm Management Plan is a collaborative effort between us and tenant farmer to coordinate activities and schedule the biosolids land application and farming operations. We can identify problem areas and track progress of remedial actions.

This plan covers several topics:

  • Crops: Current crops include winter wheat, sorghum / sudan grass and dryland corn.
  • Erosion control: Practices and controls are in place to minimize erosion due to wind, precipitation and run-off from dry conditions.
  • Weed control: Chem-fallow is being worked into rotation of crop years.
  • Grazing: METROGRO® pastures are used from May to December. Extra care is given to stocking rates and grazing practices to protect the grasses & prevent sod damage.


We Monitor for Continuous Improvement

We participate with US Geological Survey (USGS) to measure the effects of biosolids application in soils, groundwater, 
surface water and crops at our METROGRO® Farm. Find more details at the USGS website.

We also initiated a Deep Soil monitoring study at the METROGRO® Farm with Colorado State University to evaluate the effects of our biosolids land application program in soil profiles.

As part of our Biosolids Management Program, we have built in activities to monitor our operations and biosolids programs. This enables us to continually improve our operations and practices.

Our Biosolids Management Program

The Biosolids Management Program (formerly called EMS Program) was developed by the National Biosolids Partnership to improve biosolids management activities and to promote public acceptance of biosolids use and disposal practices. In 2005, we became the 8th agency nationwide to receive certification for our BMP.

Our policy is to beneficially reuse biosolids generated from the treatment of wastewater except when necessary to meet operational or emergency situations. In all cases, we will take steps necessary to protect the public health and environment, comply with applicable regulatory requirements, be sensitive and responsive to public concerns, and strive for continual improvement in management of our biosolids program.

The BMP is designed to

  • Use best practices that support continual improvement relevant to environmental performance
  • Improve communications and relationships within our community
  • Improve operational consistency
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