DENVER, March 13 — The Metro Wastewater Reclamation District (Metro District) reminds Denver area residents to refrain from flushing anything but toilet paper, including:
·         All types of wipes (even wipes labeled as flushable)
·         Paper towels, napkins and all other paper products
·         Toilet bowl scrub pads
·         Diapers
The items above should be placed in the trash and not flushed down the toilet.  This is a particularly important reminder following the toilet paper shortage that has resulted from the coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.  While products other than toilet paper can cause operational challenges for wastewater treatment facilities, they can also create blockages in residential pipes.
As critical regional infrastructure, the Metro District is taking measures to ensure the organization will continue to provide consistent wastewater treatment service to the metropolitan Denver area as this situation evolves.
About Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
The Metro District was formed under Colorado law in 1961 and is the largest wastewater treatment facility in the Rocky Mountain West.  The district works with 60 local governments, including cities, sanitation districts, and water and sanitation districts. They, in turn, provide retail wastewater service to about 2 million people in a 715 square-mile service area in metropolitan Denver. 
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