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A Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District!  

Metro Wastewater was established in 1961 as a cost-effective, regional solution to wastewater treatment in the growing metropolitan area.  Today, it is the largest treatment provider in the Rocky Mountain region and is a nationally recognized leader in treatment technology and innovation.  

At Metro Wastewater, our business is clean water.  We recognize the value of water to the region and are engaged with our partners to create opportunities to improve the environment and prepare for growth.  Every day we carry out our duty to the health and safety of the two million people impacted by our services.  

We strive to be a worldwide leader in reinventing the wastewater treatment industry and have developed a culture to continuously identify new cutting-edge technologies and processes for the benefit of the customers we serve and the wastewater industry. 

Metro Wastewater is currently working to re-brand itself – and the effort is timely.  The time has come for us to tell our story and create a brand that reflects the innovative spirit that embodies our culture.  

Over the course of history, civilizations thrived and perished based on sickness and disease; many of which were waterborne.  Some say the toilet is one of the most impactful inventions in history.  I would argue on a larger scale that it may actually be the wastewater treatment plant.  Each day, our hard-working and dedicated staff ensures 130 million gallons of water is treated and returned to the South Platte River for the next user while resources from the wastewater are recovered and reused.  It’s a complex and fascinating cycle. 

 I trust you will find our website informative and easy to navigate.  Whether you are doing business with the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District or just wanting to learn more about us, the Board of Directors and staff appreciate your time. Thank you for visiting. 

 Scott Twombly, Chairman of the Board






















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