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Our Facilities

Robert W. Hite Treatment Facility
Located at 6450 York Street, Denver, Colorado, 80229
  • Opened for operations in 1966.
  • Serves an estimated 2 million people via 60 local governments and special districts, including Arvada, Aurora, Denver, Lakewood, and Westminster.
  • Largest wastewater treatment facility in the Rocky Mountain West
    (220 million gallon per day capacity).
  • Treats and reclaims about 130 million gallons each day, which is
    85 percent of the downstream South Platte River 6 months of the year.

  Northern Treatment Plant
  Located at 51 Baseline Road, Brighton, Colorado, 80603
  • Opened for operations in 2016.
  • Currently serving Thornton and Hi-Land Acres Water and Sanitation District, with plans to serve Brighton, South Adams County, and portions of Aurora and Denver via the new Second Creek Pipeline.
  • Currently treating and reclaiming 4.5 millions gallons per day, with capacity for 24 million gallons per day.
  • Includes Visitors Center with educational exhibits and trails open to the public.
Located approximately 65 miles east of metropolitan Denver
  • About 52,000 dryland farm and pasture acres where we beneficially reuse our Class B biosolids.
  • Crop variety includes winter wheat, sorghum/sudan grass, and corn.
  • Pasture areas are often used for sheep and cattle grazing.
  • Common wildlife spotted on the Farm include coyotes, deer, antelope, field mice, bull snakes, rattlesnakes, hawks, doves, meadowlarks and occasionally badgers, box turtles, lizards, foxes and lark buntings.